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profilePicMy name is Jeff Murr.  I’m a technologist and middleware engineer that has worked primarily in the financial services, with a small dabble in health care services, information technology sector.  I currently work in Raleigh with MetLife in their Global Technology Operations Hub in Research Triangle park, but this blog, its content and opinions, are my own.

Prior to MetLife I worked a short time at Allscripts, a leading provider in healthcare system solutions. Before Allscripts, I worked many years with Fiserv, a leading provider of financial services and payments technology to the worlds leading financial institutions.  Throughout my career, I have worked with some of the worlds largest financial institution around the world to support their technology needs on the web.

I have been in the web technology field for many years with a focus on Microsoft technologies.  I’ll talk about computers and other passions whenever someone will listen, so I thought I’d start a blog to help others with similar problems that I face in the field.  To some, it comes across as garble; my hope is that that other technologists will grok it and use it in their own work, hence my blog’s [attempted] creative name.

That’s me.  Hope you enjoy and find things useful while you’re here.


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